Chakib Bouayed is a film director / adventurer. From idea to screen, no detail escapes his keen eye. This perfectionist, visionary creator’s goal is to tell true, honest stories that elevate people’s awareness and awaken their consciences while informing them. His documentaries, shorts and feature-length films and videos for television, theatrical release and the Web, cover a broad range of subjects, but with an unwavering focus on travel and the Earth with a capital “E.” Nature is in his DNA. His many projects as a director include a series of documentary portraits and adventure guides broadcast on TV5 and Unis.TV. With his camera on his shoulder, deep in forests or high atop mountain peaks, with fauna and flora as his travel companions, Chakib explores, feels, films and conveys his subjects poetically. With close to 25 years’ experience as an advertising creative director, he brings a unique eye for detail, a singular world view and impeccable execution to his craft.


As a child, Chakib was an ardent follower of Jacques Cousteau’s exploits on television, picturing himself aboard Calypso. By age 10, he was organizing mountain expeditions for his friends, rationing food and water, creating a magical environment in which to experience great adventures. Later, he discovered the world of media, graduating with a BFA in Design Art from Concordia University. A career as a creative director led to distinctions including a Coq d’or award from the Publicité Club de Montréal as well as a Boomerang award, along with several nominations.


Endlessly exploring the planet through his camera lens, he has travelled all over the globe, from the Arctic to Bouvet Island, roaming latitudes and longitudes in search of beauty, from grandiose landscapes to more intimate realms. He films the world with love, respect and sensitivity. Chakib has been a rafting guide for more than 20 years, pursuing a passion for nature that has led him to waterways of all kinds; he draws equal inspiration from the churning tumult of whitewater and the soothing calm of crystal-clear lakes. Learning masterful control under the most challenging conditions has sharpened his sense of adaptation, his flexibility and his judgment. As a father, he loves passing on his love and respect for nature to his children.